Foundation Crack Injections
(Transferable Lifetime Guarantee) 

Are your foundation walls constructed of poured concrete? Do you have a foundation crack that is leaking? Are there foundation cracks in the basement you are planning to finish or renovate?

We use only the most technologically advanced material to seal your foundation cracks. 

This is not a “band-aid” repair, but a permanent solution to your leaking foundation cracks and tie-holes.

The water activated polyurethane resin we use is designed for sealing leaks through cracks, tie-holes, porous concrete (rock pockets), expansion and control joints in concrete structures. 

The resin is mixed with an accelerator solution which reacts when it comes in contact with water forming a micro-cellular closed cell gasket with excellent adhesion and long-term flexibility to withstand crack movement. 

The cured compression gasket that is formed in the crack after injection remains stable, flexible and is highly resistant to degradation resulting from repeated freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles which are common with season changes and our overall climate. 

The resin is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly.

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   Internal Repairs

   External Repairs

   Tie-hole Leaks