Sill Plate Waterproofing Solutions

Do you have water seeping or leaking into your basement from the top of your foundation walls? Is there a garden or other landscaping built up above the horizontal point where your brick or siding meets the foundation wall known as the sill plate? Is this horizontal point visible from the outside of your home?

If you do have signs of water seepage at the top of your basement wall then chances are your sill plate is leaking.

The sill plate, which is actually the wood attached to the top of a foundation wall (usually a 2×4, 2×6, 2×8 or 2×10) and is the starting point for installing the vertical studding, should be visible around the entire house.

Most sill plates should be situated above ground however depending on the age and style of the home (E.g. a back split) your homes sill plate may be below grade.

When a sill plate is situated below grade there is always a chance that over time it will leak when the concrete parging or brick mortar seam, deteriorates from constant exposure to water and moisture. Once water and moisture is able to get to the wood sill plate, the wood begins to rot until eventually water enters the basement.

In some cases the homeowner may be able to fix the problem by simply lowering the grade in the area, however often times this is not possible and proper waterproofing of the sill plate is required.

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Sill plate buried during original construction


Area backfilled and sill plate waterproofed

Our Process

Step 1

Exposing and cleaning sill plate

Step 2

Waterproofing sealant applied

Step 3

Waterproofing membrane installed

Step 4

Area backfilled and sill plate waterproofed


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