Utility Line and Pipe Penetration Leak Repairs

Basement leaking from around plumbing pipe penetrating foundation wall below groundWater leaks in the basement can occur from around utility lines such as hydro, gas, cable, fibre optics or water lines, and from plumbing pipes and drains such as storm drains, water mains or wastewater pipes that enter the home through penetration of the foundation wall below ground.

Over time the material used to seal around the utility lines or pipes, such as hydraulic cement or caulking, experiences degradation and eventually water is able to penetrate the seal and make its way into your basement.

This problem is often common around the main hydro line entering your home, but can also occur anywhere below grade where the foundation wall has been penetrated through from coring, drilling or otherwise.

Water leaking into basement from around penetration point where Gas line enters below grade
Water leaking into basement from around fireplace stack that enters home below grade
Utility Line and Pipe Penetration Leak Repairs

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