Cinder Block Foundation Waterproofing

Do you have a wet basement from leaking cinder block foundation walls? Do you have visible signs of leaks in the basement like peeling paint, efflorescence, darkness or discolouration on the walls or water pooling on the floor? Does your finished basement seem damp, wet or have a musty smell to it? Are the baseboards or carpeting wet after a rainfall or when snow melts?

If you know or suspect your foundation walls are leaking then it’s time to call the GTA’s first choice for waterproofing contractors, PCS Basement Waterproofing Specialists.

When a basement begins to leak, it’s a sign the drainage system around your home is no longer properly working. When the weeping tile (the drainage pipe around your home) becomes clogged or displaced, water can no longer be properly drained away from the footings and foundation walls which allows hydrostatic pressure to build up, forcing water to penetrate the foundation walls and under the base of the footings.

At PCS we waterproof leaking block foundation walls using one of two systems.

Exterior Waterproofing and Drainage System

  • Earth is excavated down to footings along foundation walls by machine, hand or both.
  • Walls are cleaned of dirt and debris and a rubberized waterproofing sealant is applied.
  • High density polyethylene waterproofing membrane is then fastened to walls from the footing up to grade.
  • Existing weeping tile is removed and replaced with new perforated and filtered weeping tile.
  • The weeping tile is covered in drainage stone and excavated area is backfilled.

Interior Water Control and Drainage System

  • The floor is broken up approximately 6-12 inches wide along the perimeter of the leaking foundation walls to expose footing.
  • The broken out concrete is removed and a narrow trench is dug out to allow for installation of 4 inch perforated weeping tile with filter cloth and drainage stone.
  • The weeping tile is routed to a sump pump for discharging collected water to outside the home a minimum of 15 feet away from foundation walls.
    **Note: Connecting a sump discharge line to your wastewater system has been illegal in most municipalities in Ontario since approximately 1975 when Ontario Building Codes were first introduced so be wary of anyone making this suggestion.
  • High density polyethylene waterproofing membrane is then fastened to the foundation walls, which
    directs the water down to the drainage system below the concrete floor.
  • The trench is then resurfaced with new concrete.

A specialist from PCS will come to your home, inspect the areas of concern, evaluate the situation and
discuss possible solutions to resolve your waterproofing issues. After consultation with you, we will
recommend the most appropriate, cost effective and suitable basement waterproofing solution and
provide you with a free, no obligation written estimate.

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