Block Foundation Waterproofing

Is water seeping out of your block foundation walls onto your basement floor, if so there may be a problem with the drainage system around your home. When the drainage system around your home becomes clogged and incapacitated, water is unable to drain properly and be carried away from the foundation walls. Over time the earth around the home becomes increasingly saturated during heavy rainfalls or thaw cycles until moisture and water begin to make their way through the block foundation walls.

At PCS we repair leaking block foundation walls in one of two ways: 

The first is an External Waterproofing and Drainage System. For the external repair, earth is excavated down to footings along foundation walls. Walls are cleaned of dirt and debris and a rubberized waterproofing sealant is applied. High density polyethylene waterproofing membrane is then fastened to walls. Existing weeping tile is removed and replaced with new perforated and filtered weeping tile. The weeping tile is covered in drainage stone and excavated area is backfilled.

The second is an Internal Water Control System or what’s more commonly known as a “French Drain”. With the internal repair system, water is controlled by fastening high density polyethylene waterproofing membrane to the foundation walls and beneath the concrete floor, directing moisture and water to weeping tile installed below the concrete surface. The weeping tile is routed to a sump pump which then discharges the water out of the house and away from the foundation walls. 

A specialist from PCS will come to your home, inspect the areas of concern, evaluate the situation and discuss the problem. After consultation with you, we will recommend the most appropriate waterproofing solution and will provide you with a “free, no obligation” written estimate.

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   External Waterproofing 
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   Internal Water Control System