Window Wells

If you have a window that is at or below grade, you may need to install a window well to drain surface or standing water down below the window sill before it leaks into the basement. If you have an existing window well and notice water lines appearing on your window or staining on the wall directly below, this may indicate a clogged window well which needs to be redone. 

A window well installation/repair consists of perforated weeping tile being installed from the window sill down to the footing,  drainage stone and a galvanized corrugated steel window well. Don’t be fooled into thinking a window well is gravel and the galvanized metal encasement. The most important part of this repair is the perforated weeping tile. If it is not installed correctly or at all, the water will not drain down to the drainage system around your home and you will be left with the same problem.

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