Cold Cellar Leaks & Repairs

Are you experiencing water leakage in your cold cellar when it rains, when snow melts or during the spring thaw? Have you noticed water dripping from the ceiling or running down the walls from the seam where your foundation walls and concrete porch cap meet?

Over the years we have noticed this has become a common problem especially in newer homes. In many cases it is simply faulty construction and improper workmanship by the builder. However other causes that will contribute to the problem include interlocking brick installed over original concrete porch/steps, tiled porches, improper slope of front porch entrance area and/or a combination of these issues.

PCS would be happy to come out to your home to inspect your unfinished cold cellar (no existing wood forms in ceiling) free of charge and discuss with you our specialized solution to this problem. We will then provide you with a written estimate outlining the repair to be done and the transferable guarantee that comes with it.

For more information please contact PCS.